The School Of Living Astrology Apprentice Program 2016
student 2With Astrologer Tyler Penor


Astrology... Who created it? What is it exactly? When did it start? Where does it come from? Why is it useful? How does it work? Questions many curious seekers of truth ask themselves when looking at the subject of astrology. I do not claim to know any of these answers for sure, but during the past 15 years of my life I have been looking deeper and deeper into this sacred science and each time I look I learn something new. Life is such a vast mystery that will always remain unconquerable to the human mind, yet through opening our hearts to perceive this life and its mysteries we grow and cultivate wisdom. To me this is the goal of astrology, to learn how to open and perceive more from our hearts that beat in each moment. Astrology is not a rigid dead process, it is alive and growing! It is no more and no less than a language of understanding the life we live, a way of seeing connections in all things. Revealing that we live within a cosmos of rhythm and harmony and not random chaos. Astrology tells us a story... one of beauty, wisdom, and mystery. It is a healing story and to connect with the story is to heal ourselves and to share the story is to help heal others.

The Apprentice Program is designed to teach the story of astrology in the most in depth way possible. Through the course of a year you will learn along with the seasonal cycles and the natural rhythms within your own life and birth chart. This program is designed for those seeking to learn the art of "Living Astrology" in its fullest and purest form, starting at the very foundation and building an understanding within yourself that will last a lifetime! 

For the 2016 Apprentice Program I will be taking on no more than 7 students. This program is aimed at establishing a real core understanding within each student and  the amount of one on one time needed is too much for more than 7 students. This is not your typical workshop or class! We will be making friendships and learning through each other on this journey and the format is very open and alive. You do not need any previous astrological understanding to take this program!

"The Apprentice program is much more than a class! As my previous students have pointed out to me that it is also a year long astrology consultation!"


The Apprentice Program Year Outline:

  • There will be 5 weekends total over the course of one year.
  • Each of the 5 weekends will be 3 days long
  • 1st weekend (April 22nd-24th, 2016)
  • 2nd weekend (Summer) TBA
  • 3rd weekend (Fall) TBA
  • 4th weekend (Winter) TBA
  • 5th weekend (Spring) TBA
  • The Summer class will be held as a camping trip, which we will all decide when and where together!


How to join the journey?

  • Send an Email to expressing your interest in the program along with a bio of yourself and why you are interested in taking the program. Include your current understanding of astrology and your goals in learning and applying it within your life.
  • Include your birth info in the email, birth date, exact time of birth and birth place.
  • I will be accepting applications over the next 2 weeks! I will be accepting only 7 applicants so get them in ASAP!
  • If you would like to know more about the program send me an email with your contact info and I will contact you personally to answer any questions you may have!


Cost of Program: $2,500

Payment options:

  • Pay in Full and get $500 off!! Total of $2,000
  • Pay Half before($1,125) and half at Fall class($1,125) get $250 off! Total of $2,250
  • Pay before each weekend $500 each weekend Total $2,500

“True divination is not seeing into the future… it is seeing into the present moment from which the future is created and the past is healed.”

~Four Seasons Coaching Program~
This spring I have launched my Four Seasons Coaching Program. I have been doing consultations and teaching classes for the last few years and decided to put them together as a coaching program. I love to teach and share what I have learned on my journey through astrology, so I am excited to work closer with my clients and help guide them on their journey. This program will teach you how to bring the powerful ally of  your birth chart into your daily life. This program is focused on re-tuning our lives to Natural Time and the rhythms of the planets. You will learn how to use your birth chart as your personal calendar, unlocking your highest potential! For more info click the link >

"We are all like musical instruments in a band named Humanity playing a song called Life. Astrology and our birth chart helps us tune our instrument!"


~Living Astrology Nights~                                                                                                        This year I will be sharing monthly teachings and forecasts in Fremont Washington near Seattle. The studio is small so I am open to relocating, if anyone has any insights on a good space to teach, perhaps a bookstore, coffee shop, or just a nice space to hold classes somewhere in the Seattle area please contact me at:

To learn more about Living Astrology night go to:




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