Envisioning a new path for astrologers, healers and seekers of wisdom to understand the cosmological foundation of astrology and its living essence in order to heal and consciously evolve ourselves and this ancient art form




Living Astrology

A path of healing and harmony

At the core of astrology lies a secret pattern. This pattern ripples out through all of creation. It is the harmonic rhythm of all that exists, pulsating within, around and through every corner of life.

We are a part of this beautiful rhythmic pattern of creation and if one can begin to see this pattern and peer into it, a secret world will emerge. A world that has always been right in front of you, a world of beauty, harmony and healing.

This is the ancient path of the astrologer. The astrologer seeks to create a vision of life that can transform chaos into cosmos. To see and live a life of connection and harmony rather than meaningless random moments. To walk the path of the healer.

Nature is the source of healing and all astrological wisdom, thus nature is the astrologer's true teacher. Astrology was born through the observation of nature and its cycles. Through observing the movement of the Sun and Moon and witnessing their effects on all living things that inhabit the Earth, we were given our understanding of the seasons and the element of time.

Teachings and wisdom have been gathered and passed down through the ages and are stored within the framework of what we now call astrology. At this time we need these teachings more than ever. We need the ability to understand and perceive harmony to help us heal our relationship to ourselves and this planet, to remember again who we are and what we are a part of.

Many of us are searching for a path and the wisdom to guide us in living a more meaningful life where we can create a positive impact on the world we live in. To offer our personal gifts, strength and healing to the world.

I myself am walking that path and would like for YOU to join me. This is why I am here: to share with you the insights and wisdom I have learned on my path of healing through the art of astrology.

Living Astrology is not a study of the stars, it is a way of life and a path to the heart.


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A new vision for an ancient art

Astrology is one of the most ancient schools of thought, its roots beginning with humans first observations of the seasonal cycle. As we have evolved, so has the way in which we have utilized the teachings that astrology has to offer.

The key word is evolve and at this point in time I believe astrology must do just that. We have reached a point in human history where we have fallen out of touch with nature. We live in virtual worlds moving at the speed of light and our only perception of time is a numerical clock and a calendar that follows no natural cycle. We even change the time to suit our economic needs (daylight savings).

When mentioning the word "astrology" to most it brings up the idea of 12 personality types (zodiac signs) in the back of a newspaper or magazine, or as a form of fatalistic predictions and fortune-telling. We have not only lost touch with nature, but also its teachings and language. And thus, we have lost the true essence of astrology as well.

My grand vision is to restore the art of astrology back into our daily lives, in a way that is practical and comprehensible, in order to reignite our mystical connection to life once again. Modern astrology has become stagnant and dogmatic or so far out there in its language that it gets lost in some interdimensional portal.

My mission is to bring it back to a level where it is understandable by anyone. To show people where these understandings come from and how to see them within nature and their everyday lives.

Living Astrology focuses on a grand cosmological story and framework. This story is rooted in the patterns of nature and the elements and is told in the way our bodies are put together, the structure of the musical scale and the light spectrum. This story is woven into all of my teachings and once comprehended will reveal a world of beauty within your own vision.

The essence of astrology lies within the heart of creation and is reflected throughout all of nature. To awaken our vision to this essence is to awaken ourselves to true magic. Astrology tells a beautiful story of healing, nature and the balance of life. To learn that story and walk with it in your heart, is to heal yourself. To live that story and share that story is to heal others.

Living Astrology holds a new vision for the art and is about creating a MOVEMENT within the astrological community that will open doors to a new way of perceiving astrology all together.

My vision is to join with other like-minded individuals and share these teachings with the world. It is the responsibility of the astrologers alive now to pass on the wisdom we have received and teach the proper use of this powerful healing art.


“Tyler Penor is a painter of visions and the planets and constellations are his colors. So many books and different teachers present astrological knowledge in a way where you feel the need to memorize or study vigorously to grasp and hold on to the seemingly complex astrological system. My appreciation lies in the grounded and practical story-telling ways that Tyler so naturally interprets. The ancient way of storytelling is a way to plant wisdom that is difficult to forget. The more a story is heard or is meditated on, the more new knowledge and wisdom is slowly revealed to us. Tyler is a heart based astrologer who I feel is honestly about to change a lot of people's perspective on the way astrology is understood today. Moving out of the current mind based, matter-of-fact, research and memorization patterns and into the living, feeling, energies and heart perspectives that Tyler sheds light on with his language of the stars, in a visionary and artistic way, is an example of how we can reconnect to our deeper selves, to nature, and to our higher purpose.”

Evan Purcell - past client and founder of Higher Mind Incense